Dress by NS

Haute Couture
Each handcraft pieces at Dress by NS house are unique and made for all shapes. From Paris – NYC - London – all our workshops are dedicated to bring out beautiful masterpiece and give you the best quality that Haute Couture require to be called like this. We believe every Woman got their own style and this is our first inspiration. Our priority is to realize your dream dress.

One vision

“You are unique, your shape - your Identity.”
Our Fashion Designer, Sandrine Johnson – NS, a young French woman brings her honourable vision to the brand, always make sure the potential of our client is at the highest level. Graduated on Fashion in Paris and straight after school, she had experiences in NYC closed to designers. She also leaded fashion classes the Art School of Kinshasa and exposed her work at the Congolese national TV channel. Her experiences on Fashion Show – Chanel – Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix […] and on her own name give us the assurance on credibility.

Dress by NS Dresses are renowned for their incomparable style. Looking for the dream gown for any event? Shop with us and you are sure to find what you desire.